Food Combination for Weight Loss

When losing weight, eating a combination of compatible food groups is said to have a positive effect. Food combination for weight loss is not exactly a fad for this was initially intruduced during the 1900s. known as the food combination diet, it is said that two to three pounds can be lost each week. However, there are no scientific evidence that can back up this weight loss claim yet.

Compatible Food Groups

The idea behind the food combination diet is that varying digestive conditions are required for different food groups. During digestion, different kinds of food may not be properly dissolved. Nutrients coming from the food will not be utlized and distributed to the body, moreover.

Therefore, there are certain combinations of food group that can be eaten at the same time. Examples of food group combinations that cannot be eaten together are starchy and acidic foods, carbohydrate and protein foods, protein and acid foods, and protein and fatty foods.

Daily intake of Fruits and Veggies

A food combination diet plan for the day is usually comprised of heavy fruit and vegetable intake. from breakfast to dinner, fruits and vegetables are a staple. Basically, this food combination diet encourages fruit and vegetable intake. This also promotes balanced meal and the removal of processed food in the diet.

Aside from imposing certain food group combinations, this food combination diet also postulates the removal of dessert when taking a meal. This is actually a valid claim for desserts do not undergo digestion and they only turn into vinegar, alcohol, or acetic acids because of bacterial action.

It is not surprising then that this diet is a food combination for weight loss.

Those who are interested in having a fixed food combination for weight loss must know that there are drawbacks like any other diet regimen. The average person would find this food combination diet very complex and confusing. One has to adhere to certain combinations, and those who usually eat outside their own homes may find this very problematic. Nevertheless, there are individuals who stick to this diet and can attest that this food combination for weight loss really works.


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