3 Secrets to Increase Longevity

Do you want to live a long and healthy life? do you want to see your grandchildren and great grand children when you are healthy? if you do, then you may want a healthy long lifestyle. there are many gurus and lifestyle experts out there telling you what to do and how you should live your life. But you only need to know only 3 secret tips to increase your longevity

1. Drink green tea everyday

Green tea contains many nutrients and chemicals that will increase your longevity. Green tea has been proven to prevent cancer, reduce cholesterol, increase stamina and also increase general blood circulation. Green tea contains anti-oxidants that will help reduce aging and diseases. you only need to drink green tea at least twice a day to stay healthy.

2. Exercise at least one hour a day

To maintain a healthy and fit body, you should exercise at least one hour a day. this could be any exercises as long as you sweat at the end of your exercise session. Exercise will maintain and keep healthy in particular your cardiovascular system and digestive system. it will also prevent obesity and being overweight.

3. Eat more green vegetables

To have a long and healthy life, you must eat as much green vegetables as you can. this is because green vegetables contains anti-aging properties which slow down tissue damage and promote tissue growth. The more greener the vegetable that you eat, the more healthier and better for your body.

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