Scalp Acne – How to Prevent It

Acne is one of the most common skin problems to affect people today. Typically, it is caused by the blockage of the skin pores of a person and will subsequently lead to the inflammation on the skin. Acne is the general term but there are various types of acne conditions and one of them is scalp acne. it that appears on the scalp and frontal hairlines. without treatment and preventive measures, this condition may cause scars and is a problem to live with.

Generally, acne is caused by oily skin, which is enhanced by various aspects. for example, poor hygiene, unhealthy food intake, drug toxicity and can even be associated to heredity. it is caused by the same conditions and poses a problem to many people. People who suffer from scalp acne will constantly find their scalp itchy and oily. High levels of stress can also cause scalp acne and lead to severe conditions. Severe acne will require medicated treatment, such as frequent usage of shampoo that contains benzoyl peroxide solution. however, be aware that this solution may affect the color of your hair. Therefore, if is best to not use too much of the shampoo and rinse it off thoroughly. less severe scalp acne usually forms on the frontal hairline and is small, whereas more severe scalp acne may form all over your scalp and commonly black in color. before resorting to treatment, try to identify the severity of your scalp acne, as this will help you find the suitable treatment to fight it.

If you already suffer, there are many ways to help treat it. the most important step is to clean your scalp with medicated treatment that has salicylic acid. Use this shampoo to clean your hair more regularly, as it will try to prevent further breakouts. Other solutions, such as anti dandruff shampoo may also help as treatment. however, before using any type of product, it is best to seek advise from a professional to ensure that you do not damage your hair. for those who do not have this acne, always practice personal hygiene to prevent it. Recall that this can happen to anyone. Simple actions, such as frequently shampooing your hair or avoid oily hair products can help you prevent it. for example, avoid sharing towels or hoot tubs and spas that may be a breeding ground for bacteria. These simple practices will help you from contracting scalp acne.


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