Side Effects Of Juice Cleansing

Generally speaking, juice cleansing is a kind of fast that involves one kind of detox diet or the other. the juice fasting process will involve your taking fruit juice and raw vegetables for a short period of time accompanied by some water. Those who propose this juice cleansing processing are of the view that it has many antioxidants and vitamins.

Juice cleansing is considered to be an extreme variation of detoxification. this is mainly because you will not consume any food during the fast. For the other kinds of detox methods, you will get to eat some solid food.

However, there are a number of categories of people who should not try the juice cleansing. this including women who are nursing babies and those who are pregnant. Children should also desist from these juice fasts.

In case you have diabetes, eating disorders, low sugar in your blood, liver disease, kidney disease, impaired functions of the immune system, anemia and various addictions, you should also ensure that you do not take up the 7 day juice cleanse. in case you wish to take it up, however, you will need to do so under the strictest medical supervision.

Those who are going to undergo a surgical procedure or have just undergone one are also advised to ignore the juice fasting. this is because this kind of fast is known to reduce the proteins in your blood and also change how prescription drugs will react within your body.

There are a number of side effects that come with juice cleansing. For starters, you will start noticing terrible headaches once you start on the juice fast. along the same lines, there are many other side effects. These include bad breath, increased odor from your body, acne, constipation, hypoglycemia and tiredness.

You will also start feeling dizzy and faint due to the low blood pressure and heart arrhythmias that come with the 7 day juice cleanse. Additionally, you will lose weight, feel hungry and even start to vomit, diarrhea and develop problems with your kidney.

This is the main reason why you will be well advised to discontinue the juice cleanse  once any of these drastic side effects appear. If the symptoms worsen and newer symptoms start appearing, you should also ensure that you do not continue with the juice fasting. you should also visit qualified medical practitioners when you notice these side effects.

Diarrhea is one of the worst side effects of juice cleansing. this is particularly dangerous because it may lead to electrolyte loss and dehydration due to the lack of solid foods from your body. this means that in case you go on with the juice fasting even after the side effects make themselves manifest, you may have to contend with the deficiency of vital nutrients such as calcium and protein.

To conclude, therefore, you can be certain that juice cleansing is very essential for those who are looking for better bodily functions. however, if any of the above discussed symptoms start manifesting themselves, you will be well advised to discontinue the fast immediately for your own good.

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