Alzheimer’s Stages: Seven Stages You Need To Be Aware Of

There are seven Alzheimer’s stages. the rate at which Alzheimer’s stages occur are different for every patient. some will notice that the stages progress slowly whilst others will notice that the progression is rapid. In this article I aim to present the facts, in terms that you will find easy to understand.

The seven Alzheimer’s stages are:

1. No proven impairment, this means that there are no noticeable signs of Alzheimer’s. your doctor will suggest no medications or treatments until symptoms occur.

2. Mild memory loss, this cold be due to getting older, forgetting a few familiar things can be normal so no medication or treatment will begin.

3. Noticeable memory loss, if your friends and loved ones are noticing your forgetfulness, and upon examination the doctor may find a problem with your memory or ability to recall names and objects. This may prompt your doctor to refer you for necessary tests.

4. Moderate memory loss, this will be more noticeable than mild memory loss. This stage of decline can cause impromptu mood swings and can cause distress in some situations.

5. Moderate to severe memory loss, your memory problems are becoming more noticeable. Simple task are suddenly very challenging. some major problems may occur due to this stage of memory loss, it is important that you have help throughout the day so no dangerous situations occur.

6. Severe memory loss, this can include not being able to recall that days activities or particular memories from your past. This is very worrying and you or your family members should consider the help of a carer.

7. Extremely severe memory loss, this can be very distressing for loved ones and friends. the individual will not be able to recall most things from either their past or from that days activities. it has been noted that the person suffering from Alzheimer’s may even forget how to smile.

All of these Alzheimer’s stages are worrying, the thought of memory loss is daunting. there are no tests that can confirm Alzheimer’s with 100 % accuracy, the tests can suggest that Alzheimer’s is the cause and steps can be taken to try to prevent further decline.

If you are worried about the effects Alzheimer’s can have on you and your family and friends you should speak with your doctor. In the event of Alzheimer’s occurring your doctor will be able to help you plan a course of action for the future.

If you or your family members can not cope with this decline they may want to consider a care home or maybe even a part time carer to help with the daily tasks that the patient requires. there are counseling sessions that are available to those who have had experience of a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

The Alzheimer’s stages are inevitable all you can do is make the appropriate plans for the future. In the early stages of Alzheimer’s I would recommend that you try to make the best of a bad situation. there is no cure for this disease so all you can do is accept it and move on as best as you can.

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  • Health Research Canada

    This is a very good article. I didn’t know it Alzheimer’s was progressive like this. THanks.

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